Disadvantages of Using Wix for an Attorney Website

If you run an attorney business in Naples, Florida, then you will want to make sure that as many people as possible in the local area can find it. You should also make sure that the website looks good, responds well to all devices, as well as used some helpful ppc tips and is easy to use.

Wix is a popular tool for building good-looking websites, but it is not a good tool to use. It has a lot of flaws which mean that for any serious business there are significantly better options. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Wix is not a good choice for an attorney.

1 – Wix is Not for Serious Developers

Wix makes it ‘easy’ to throw together a website. The old saying that if something is worth doing it isn’t easy applies here – websites should be carefully crafted to reflect your brand, with content that is planned out, analytics, tracking and more. If your site isn’t well done, then it will not bring in as much business as it could. Yes, the website might be cheap – but if you’re losing business because it’s bad, then how cheap was it? Its better to ask the services of professionals like gggmarketing.com/naples/seo-services/ to get more idea about wix.

2 – Wix Abstracts Things That Matter

The site that you make in Wix will look good to end users, but it won’t look good to Google. Wix does not have sophisticated SEO options. Yes, it does let you change things like the title and the meta tags, but it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as you would get with a well-configured WordPress installation or a bespoke site made by an expert developer. If you are serious about ranking well in local search, then you should do everything you can to get the best possible SEO.

3 – You Give Up More than Just Code Control

When you have a website hosted on a standard web host, with a website that is coded using a common framework, then you have control over that site. If something goes wrong, you can copy the site and move it somewhere else with ease. If the site is slow, you have options to diagnose the slowness, update it, and try to fix it. The different “moving parts” – back end, front end, domain, hosting, are all separated. With Wix, you give up total control to the owners of Wix. This isn’t a problem for a small community website that could be re-created quite quickly, but it is a huge issue when a business depends on the income from the site.

Proprietary content management systems are a huge risk, and it is not a good idea for a business owner to expose themselves to that level of risk for no good reason. Locking your data into Wix means that you are at their mercy. If they shut down, you lose it. If they lock your website for any reason – which is unlikely, but could happen, then you will have to negotiate with their account management team to fix it. These are all huge risks, and with the amount of money that is on the line, it does not make sense to expose yourself to them.

5 – Wix Branding Detracts from Your Brand

Wix says that it is free – but it is not. You pay for the service with a Wix icon and Wix branding. To access basic features such as Google Analytics, you need to pay. If you’re paying anyway, then why not pay for a proper hosting package instead of using a free service that limits what you can do so much?